I remember the days we spent together were not enough.
Behind the rainbow, there's always you and I ♥
Wednesday, December 24, 2008

1pm plus then wake up was so tired lahs , help mother to do housework then
wait for mother to be back home she brought me some food (:
Around 4plus went to get really and meet baby under my block at 5pm+ headed to
town my dress making me piss so get a new dres at Far East change and company
baby to had his dinner , finish eating went to brought a belt after that walked to
Cine brought present for Brother Gf went outside Cine meet up with boyster&co.
baby buy me cookies lorhs then slack outside for an hours plus , the weather
is not really good i dont had the chance to tak much picture on it .
8Plus wanna go back Fareast but it start to rain so went over to Herren saw
Shanice&co . waitied for awhile walked back to far east wanna buy shose but then
saw nothing , stand outside one of the shop like an idoit doing nothing was so
bored already this year met so little people then around 10plus took bus back Plaza
had Mac my dinner ? finish eating slack around plaza then took cabb back home
reach home around 12plus bath and so on .

To that spammer : oh please i brorrow people money to buy Mango tee ?
i think your ear had some problem the black mango tee is i buy white my Bf buy it
for me . This is my blog i had the right to post me and my Bf photos had happy with
it then dont come and view it lahs ! Put tattoo mean gangster then those working
in tattoo shop body full with tattoo mean paikia ? LMAO !!!
Lols i'm 14year old what for having a bigg boob of course your grandmother boob is
bigger then me lahs dey the age is diffcult alright .
I sure you are one of the "boy" friend if not why that person tagg you are tagging
too , sound wired bodoh ~ Now 2008 already people dont play gangster .
KIDDO you spam i ban that easy (: i think you should learn better english then
spamm your typing like kids ! This is MY BLOG i can do whatever i like if you
are unhappy just leave .

你是我的唯一 .
Till the last rose die

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Headed to Fajar with baby waitted damm long outside the shop quarrel with hym
again never ending quarrel ! Finish cutting took bus down plaza quarrel again
this time roun jialat lahs deys , reach plaza there talk to him never answer keep
on listening to his song cant take it walk away and that word "break"
Break down while walking back home tears rolling down people looking at me with
fucking faces . Sit at staircase tear never stop till things getting better mother
want to go home soon so reach home remove all my makeup as it already remove by
the tears -.- Baby come my house here to meet me agan slack and then went up
to Supermanhouse to pass her stuff and went down slacking (:
around 5plus went home use computer watch tv waitting for brother to be home
then 7plus bused down to Bukit Timah with family had our dinner over there .
wait so long for the food to come as there too many people , makan & makan
bused back home reach home around 9plu bath and rest . i wearing the new contact lens
while taking photo cant see the colour only can see my eye bigger WEES !
Tomorrow countdown for
chirstmas at town with baby meeting up with twinny but then she dont want reply me

你是我的唯一 .
Till the last rose die

Monday, December 22, 2008
Warmness of the soul

Meet baby and bused down to town had our lunch then went shopping i cant get anything .
Walking so many round nothing caught my eye actually wanna buy shirt but in the end
dont have hahaad next time (: QUARREL _/_
Heahed to Cine baby get his thing then he go happy lorhs went mango shop wanna buy clothes
but then too many people and the design i want sold out darm it ! baby went to look for
Porter bag so damm long , walked back to far east shop again then 5plus trained down to Redhill
to get my dress on blogshop . trianed back to Yewtee waste of time lahs deys reach yewtee cabb
back home i'm lazy to take lrt back already stop at coffee shop there then get my contact lens
casing that uncle so kind he just give me the case ohyeahs (:
My honey wing contact len had arrived and my dress too that contact len so cool lehs (:
ahahash , and you guy know what i give up on the modeling sound sad ? hmms just dont know
why i give up actually really wish to have the shoot which is on tomorrow with twinny she
got slected this morning msg her and she so happy lorhs ahahahs wish her good luck tomorrow.
Nevermind then just finish watching that show "Eight Below & Twilight" damm nice ,
2more day to chirstmas i got myself a dress already . damm fuck up while opening the contact
len bottle my nail broke fuck ass now is so short ! forgot it .
Tomorrow going to had my hair cut and eyebrown trim xD
Baby promise me to get me a ring on 31Dec mean our 9months , couple tees going arrived soon
and he bringing me to makan steamboat too !!!!

你是我的唯一 .
Till the last rose die

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wake up had my breakfast and help mother to make Tanyuan(: i took one of the picture
when we going to start making and forgot to take when we had finish doing .
Hahahahs after finish doing mother went to cook it . Bath and headed to Jurong with
mother went pray lorhs finish praying headed to IMM brought damm muchh things ,
mother brought "The Body Shop" face wash and body wash for me mummy brought
her washing thing there too then headed to DAISO buy many snack over there then
went to had tea break at level3 shopp for clothe too mummy brought 2top for me
oh yeahs thanks mummy (: finish shopping went over to grandmother house had our
dinner sitt over there chat and watch tv around 7plus cabb back home .
reach home bath and had tanyuan (:

你是我的唯一 .
Till the last rose die

Saturday, December 20, 2008
hold me tight tonight

Meet baby at 1pm under my block bused down to Bugis had our lunch over there then
meet one online girl pass her stuff and headed to Town , damm dulann at the mrt lahs while the
door is about to close there this uncle push me so fucking hard till i gonna fall ASS !
reach the station then walk over to Far East shopp the whole shopping center to find my dress
didnt find anything nice in the end brought one dress and bagg cost me a bomb , walked to
nearby mrt to meet another online friend then went over to Cine already 4plus lehs went to
see iTouch thing then had Pasta for dinner around 6plus bused back panjang walked back home.
My Dress&Contact Len had arrived yeahs baby going to help me take tomorrow .
Monday going back to town i getting another dress simple and nice will do ohyeahs (:
reach home around 7plus bath and watched tv wait for mother to be back as i was so bored
staying at home alone ): mummy brought some food for me and she went shopping spentting
200plus never buy anything for me ! Hahahahs i want chirstmas present !!!!
Staying at home tomorrow .

你是我的唯一 .
Till the last rose die

Friday, December 19, 2008
Lazy to post lahs deys , stay at home all day just finish changing my blogskin (:
tomorrow going bugis&town get my chirstmas outfit still had no idea what to wear .
Bored . Bored . Bored !
seriously i hate people asking about my blog song when i ans them i had
4song in my playlist they will reply tell me all FCUK YOU !
and some of them act smart tagg all my playlist on the tagboard just feel like giving
them a slap KIDDO !

你是我的唯一 .
Till the last rose die

Thursday, December 18, 2008
Went plaza had my lunch with baby bused down to bangkit .............................
then headed back home around 4plus
bath and had my dinner watched tv and so on Bored like fcuk lahs deys tomorrow gonna
stay at home . Somehow we keep on quarrel everytime within a small things _/_

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你是我的唯一 .
Till the last rose die


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